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High Ropes Challenge

High Ropes Challenge 10.00 - 13.00

Challenge yourself traversing a series of inter linking bridges and obstacles high up in the trees, finishing with a zip line back to the ground. There is also an opportunity to try our "leap of faith." Climb the rope ladder and take your adrenalin jump from the platform. The session is fully supervised and you will be attached to the safety system with your harness. A great activity for families and friends.

Meet at Elan Visitor Centre at the start of session, which will end back at the visitor centre 3 hrs later. Some of the group may be asked to take their own transport to the site (5 minutes drive). 

Due to the nature of the activity there are certain physical limitations on participation:

  • Supervision of children (under 18s).  All under 18s must be supervised by an adult ("the assigned supervisor").  It is the responsibility of the "the assigned supervisor" to ensure the general safety of the child in their care (behaviour and adherance to instructions).
  • Due to the physically demanding nature of the activities run by Elan Valley Lodge all participants must be reasonably fit and healthy.  Any health concerns must be discussed with the Instructor prior to arrival.
  • High Ropes Challenge: You must be over over 1.4m tall but less than 20 stone with a waist of less than 43”.

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